Eric Johnson Amp Settings with Tubescreamer

Eric Johnson might be a lesser known version of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, but he’s still one of the best, and anyone with the DVD of him at G3 knows that to be certain.

Johnson has used a Tube Screamer distortion or Fuzz pedal periodically and interchangeably, thus it’s the best way to replicate his sound in terms of distortion.

Couple that with your amp and here’s how you can get the closest to his tone.

Eric Johnson Amp Settings

Tubescreamer or Fuzz Machine Settings

For this example we’ll use the “Fuzz Machine” from Garage Band which has all the settings we’ll need to identify and utilize.

Eric Johnson Amp Settings

Eric’s FX

Ibanez TS808 Reissue Vintage Tube Screamer  

Eric Johnson Amp Settings

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Analogue Delay

Eric Johnson Amp Settings

Dunlop Fuzz Face

Eric Johnson Amp Settings

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