Jimi Hendrix Amp Settings


Jimi Hendrix’s amp settings aren’t terribly difficult to figure out, seeing as how guitar players have been building off of his innovation and sound for decades after his death.

He’s certainly one of the greatest of all time, and as a result, plenty have replicated and imitated his sound.

So if you’re wanting to play Purple Haze or Voodoo Child, what are the best settings to use? Hendrix used Marshall amplifiers and fuzz effects, so we’ll come up with some settings and a couple pedals that will help mimic his sound.

As usual, I’ll use Garage Band to illustrate.

Jimi Hendrix Amp Settings

We’ll use the Marshall(ish) model in Garage Band to dial in a passable Hendrix sound.

Jimi Hendrix Amp Settings


  • Gain: 5
  • Bass: 8
  • Mids: 5
  • Treble: 5
  • Reverb: 5

Jimi Hendrix Effects

Hendrix’s trademark distortion was primarily created by a Dunlop Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, which along with Hendrix’s style and sound paved the way for the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff distortion pedal.

Despite the fact that Hendrix never used the big muff pedal, it’s a fairly accurate representation of his distortion.

Dunlop Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
Jimi Hendrix Amp Settings

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff

Combing the above dials with a Marshall amplifier and one of these two pedals is your best bet for getting an accurate Jimi Hendrix sound.

If you have different gear, give some time to adjusting the dials on your distortion, and make sure the amp settings match up.

You don’t need a Marshall to make it work.

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