Quality Content and Material for Learning the Guitar and Teaching Music

Since June of 2012, Guitar Chalk has been providing material to help people become better guitar players and more familiar with the music surrounding the instrument.

The content and approach has been built on a belief that guitar is both a simple, yet incredibly complex instrument. This means that guitar lessons need to be comprehensive, thorough and genuinely helpful.

That's the goal of this site and the reason for its inception: To create valuable content that pertains to the learning, enjoyment and understanding of the guitar.

So what's different about us?

When you're looking for "guitar lessons," whether that's from another individual in a living room or by running a Google search for "guitar chords" or "pentatonic scales," you're searching for instruction. Instruction, meaning that you need someone to help you better understand the instrument or a particular concept in a complete manner.

Guitar Chalk's mission is to provide that complete and comprehensive instruction and understanding; without which it's difficult to really know your instrument.

Since this is a blog, our "content" is presented in one of the following three forms:

  1. Article

  2. Lesson

  3. List Post

This is not a chord and scale bank, or a place where you can come to search for tabs and favorite songs. While you'll certainly find chords, scales and a fair share of tabs, our purpose is not to simply provide those for consumption.

The Guitar Chalk blog is instead a library of ways and methods in which to employ these things. So instead of just learning chords and scales, it's about what to do with those pieces once you've learned them.

Application, if you will.

Let's face facts -- there are a lot of sites that are great at delivering chords, scales and tabs -- but that's often times where it ends.

That's a shame, because for someone learning the guitar, it's not helpful to have that information regurgitated to them by 100 different websites.

What they need is a comprehensive and detailed explanation of both how to learn and use the material at hand.

Guitar Chalk is committed to the creation of that content.

The thin, regurgitated garbage that's so plentiful on the internet these days is something that this site is desperately seeking to avoid, because ultimately that doesn't benefit anyone: Not the site owners, not the users and certainly not the guitar players.

We're ultimately built on the philosophies of content creation, music education and gaining a more complete understanding of the guitar.

I sincerely hope that you find it helpful.

What can you expect?

  • Not just what to do, but how to do it.

  • Application of guitar-related topics, not just the showcasing of the topics themselves.

  • A comprehensive look at the culture and music that surrounds the instrument.

  • Full and detailed explanations leading to an improved understanding of the guitar.

Guitar instruction needs to be complete. If you're only getting bits and pieces with no application then you're missing out on so many aspects of the instrument. Those aspects are covered here in as much detail as possible, in a blog format, completely free.

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