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Guitar Chalk is a blog for guitar players, focused on providing thorough and useful music education material.

Guitar Chalk publishes helpful, engaging, thorough and valuable online content for guitar players of all skill levels.

Our editorial column consists of a weekly schedule in which we publish a review every Monday and an educational article or lesson every Friday.

This allows us to take the time necessary for creating high-quality long-form content.

Though Guitar Chalk does use video to assist in certain cases, we do not aspire to be a video lesson site. Instead, our content is for the readers of the world. Print it out, grab a highlighter and take a few notes of your own.

Delve in.

That's what it's designed for.

If you're looking for quick, surface-level explanations or brief, topical introductions, you're in the wrong place.

On the other hand, if you want to get your bookworm on and learn some guitar, we've got plenty to keep you busy.

Content generally shows up in one of the following three forms:
Article  Review  List Post
Guitar instruction needs to be complete.

If you're only getting bits and pieces with no application then you're missing out on so many aspects of the instrument. Those aspects are covered here in as much detail as possible.

Hence the reading.

What can you expect from our content?

  • Application of guitar-related topics, not just the showcasing of the topics themselves.

  • A comprehensive look at the culture and music that surrounds the instrument.

  • Full and detailed explanations leading to an improved understanding of the guitar.

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