Pedalboard Planner and Virtual App

Published January 16th, 2017

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  • High Register Guitar Chord Progressions (banner photo)

    Designing Better High Register Chord Progressions

    In this advanced rhythm lesson we're going to look at high register chord progressions. More specifically, I'll be outlining tactics that can be used to make those progressions sound… Read More...

  • Pedalboard Planner (Banner Photo)

    The Pedalboard Planner Guide and Virtual App

    Not long ago I had to completely redo my pedalboard.It was too big, too noisy and had a bunch of effects that I never really needed or used.I had… Read More...

  • Guitar Chalk Reading List #4 Banner Photo

    Guitar Chalk Reading List #4: New PRS Gear, Chillin’ at Tosin Abasi’s Crib and more Bass

    Guitarists should know music theory, but they shouldn't need a math degree to do so. Get the book that teaches theory simply, and focuses on the topics… Read More...

  • Minimalist Pedalboard Banner Photo

    Building a Minimalist Pedalboard for $450

    This is the process I went through to downsize to a minimalist pedalboard and "restock" it with pedals that I would actually use.Through years of playing guitar,… Read More...

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