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  • Wireless PA System Final Banner

    Wireless PA System Roundup: 5 Portable Indoor and Outdoor Setups

    The technology involved with making a wireless PA system is cheaper and more readily available than it has ever been. And while it's not the easiest music-related purchase to… Read More...

  • Connect Guitar to Mac

    How to Connect your Guitar and Mac Using the iRig Pro Duo

    These days, your Mac and guitar can be good friends.And why wouldn't they be?There's a ton of great software and applications that you can use as part of your… Read More...

  • Best Keyboard for Music Production

    5 Best Keyboards for Music Production and DAW Compliance

    Tiny keyboards are the focus of this article.More specifically, tiny keyboards with drum pads, knobs, dials and gadgets that aid in the process of music production, or… Read More...

  • Jazz Guitar Harmony Lesson Banner

    Jazz Guitar Harmony and the Basics of Shell Voicing

    For the guitarist who is interested in jazz harmony, shell voicings present an excellent opportunity to learn new chords while providing a convenient way to categorize them.Though… Read More...

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