Jazz Guitar Harmony & Basic Shell Voicing

Published August 10th, 2016

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  • Guitar Rack Setup

    Guitar Rack System Basics: Setting Up a Signal Processing Case

    Most guitar players start out with a setup that goes something like this:You have a guitar, a cable, a small (maybe mid-sized) combo amp and perhaps a pedal or… Read More...

  • Best Keyboard for Music Production

    5 Best Keyboards for Music Production and DAW Compliance

    Tiny keyboards are the focus of this article.More specifically, tiny keyboards with drum pads, knobs, dials and gadgets that aid in the process of music production, or in the… Read More...

  • Slapback Delay in a Digital Environment

    Setting Up a Slapback Delay with Reverb in a Digital Environment

    The banner photo is a shot of the DM-2, one of Boss's original analog delay pedals that became popular before the DD series.The DM-2w from the "Waza… Read More...

  • Best Laptop for Music Production and Recording (banner)

    8 Best Laptops for Music Production and Running DAWs

    It sounds weird to say, but these days I need my guitar to be close to a computer. Even for jamming I'll run a track through iTunes… Read More...

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